Step 1:
Choose Your Menu

Personalize your menu to fit your preferences and dietary needs. Select from the Chef's menu of guaranteed-to-delight dishes, request family favorites, or explore new cuisines. Your chef will bring your culinary visions to life.

We provide a shopping list for your menu, saving you time on grocery runs. Order grocery delivery to save even more time.

Step 2:
Book Your Chef

All Chefs are carefully vetted for skill, experience, safety, and professionalism - any Chef you select will impress you and your taste buds.

Our chefs set their own hourly rates (average $30/hour), bringing you top-quality food for less than the cost of eating out. Whether it's a one-time treat or regular weekly meal prep, you control the frequency and duration of the chef's visits.

Step 3:
Enjoy Restaurant-Quality Meals

All your dishes will be completed to your specification, and left neatly stored in your fridge with heating/finishing instructions. Come home to a sparkly clean kitchen and fresh, delicious food to enjoy throughout the week.

How The Chef's In-Home Meal Prep Stacks Up vs. Meal Kit Delivery &  Dining Out

Feature The Chef Meal Kit Delivery (e.g., HelloFresh) Meal Delivery (e.g., Factor) Eating Out / Takeout
Meal Preparation & Cooking Done by a professional chef in your home Requires cooking by you Pre-cooked, ready to heat Pre-cooked, ready to heat
Customization Fully customizable menus Limited to fixed menu choices Limited to fixed menu choices

Varies by restaurant

Nutritional Value Tailored to your dietary needs & health preferences Varies by kit, may not fit your dietary needs May focus on health and nutrition, but may not fit your dietary needs Varies widely by restaurant, may not fit your dietary needs
Cooking Skills Required None Cooking skills required None None
Time Investment Purchase groceries, then chef does the work Time needed for prepping, cooking & cleaning Minimal (heat and eat) Time for pickup or eating out
Cost $4-$8 / serving $10-13 / serving $12-15/serving $12-35+ / serving
Kitchen Cleanliness Kitchen left clean and tidy Requires kitchen clean-up Minimal to no clean-up Minimal to no clean-up
Portion Control Tailored to individual needs Fixed portions per meal Fixed portions per meal Fixed portions per meal

Time is money –
save both with The Chef

Busy schedules demand smart solutions. Transform your mealtime into an effortless, enjoyable experience that doesn't eat into your busy schedule - or break the bank.

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