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Come home to a sparkly clean kitchen and fridge full of fresh, delicious food to enjoy throughout the week.

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Love home-cooked meals, but strapped for time?

Whether you're juggling a hectic work schedule or striving to provide healthy, delicious meals for your family, The Chef will transform your eating experience.

In-Home Meal Prep
Our chefs leave your fridge stocked with delicious, wholesome meals for the week.

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Tailor your menu and recipes to your taste and dietary needs.

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Your own private chef… affordable? It’s true! The cost per serving is cheaper than takeout or delivery meal kits.

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Busy schedules demand smart solutions. Transform your mealtime into an effortless, enjoyable experience that doesn't eat into your busy schedule - or break the bank.

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From sprucing up your weekly routine to crafting the perfect dinner party spread, our service effortlessly adapts to your dining needs.

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Portland: Get ready to dine differently

We're excited to start our journey in Portland, Oregon, with plans to bring our culinary magic to other cities soon.

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Book your chef for just $30/hour.